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    • Owner Name
      USAID / Ministry of Water and Irrigation / Water Authority of Jordan
    • Sector
      Utility / Infrastructure
    • Location
      As Samra, Jordan
    • Service
      General Contracting
    • Date of Completion
      March 2008
    • Construction value
    • As Samra Wastewater Plant
      As Samra Wastewater Plant
    • As Samra Wastewater Plant
      As Samra Wastewater Plant

    The scope of this project includes the design, construction, operation and maintenance of a new waste water treatment plant at As Samra near Hashimiyya, Jordan. This plant will replace the existing overloaded waste stabilization ponds with current capacity of 67,000m3/day. Once the construction is completed, the plant will be capable of treating an average daily flow of 270,000m3/day and peak hour flow of 540,000m3/day to serve two million residents of the Amman and Zarqa areas. The effluent from the new plant will meet Jordanian and International environmental standards for discharge into streams and river valleys. In addition, the Samra Project Company (SPC) will renovate and takeover the maintenance and operation of West Zarqa and Hashimiyya pump stations and the pretreatment facility at Ain Ghazal. The new plant will be constructed, operated and maintained according to a 25-year Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) agreement between the SPC and the USAID and Jordanian Ministry of Water and Irrigation.