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    • Owner Name
      New York City School Construction Authority
    • Sector
      K-12 Education
    • Location
      Brooklyn, New York
    • Service
      General Contracting
    • Date of Completion
      In Progress - October 2021
    • Construction value
    • NYCSCA PS 730
      NYCSCA PS 730

    This project consists of a two phase model to construct a new five (5) story school building. Phase one includes, but is not limited to, construction of the new building, completion of all site work, general construction, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fire protection, life safety systems, and obtaining a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy. PS 730K will serve the fast-growing neighborhood of Sunset Park, Brooklyn. This fully accessible, five-building school includes administration facilities, a cafeteria, gymnasium, classrooms for grades 3-5, and specialized classrooms for Music, Reading, Speech, Special Education and Science/Art. The school is oriented around a central playground which opens toward the neighborhood’s main street, 8th Avenue, creating a dialogue with the neighborhood. Public artwork being commissioned for the Lobby will be visible to passersby and from the playground. Due to site constraints, it was requested the client deviate from typical school standards and utilize a cast in place concrete structure with rainscreen exterior. These materials will expedite construction given the limited staging area. The rainscreen allows the opportunity to delineate building elements in a way that breaks down the mass of the building and relates it more closely to the surrounding community.