Morganti is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, clients, and coworkers. This commitment is at the core of Morganti’s foundation of family tradition and a strong work ethic and is ingrained in our corporate culture. It is an integral component of the Morganti brand — a brand built on a solid foundation.

This commitment to health and safety flows through to Morganti’s construction management process, from our initial concept to our finished project. For a project to be successful, it must be safe. Our safety program focuses on eliminating potential risks by ensuring our employees are thoroughly trained and follow our Standard Operating Procedures, which are in accordance with industry-leading Health and Safety Procedures. Our third-party safety consultant firm audits all our project sites on a regular basis and ensures that all sites are compliant. Finally, all senior Morganti field staff have completed OSHA 30-Hour training and are OSHA certified.

Morganti has an excellent safety record, and our Safety and Security Plan incorporates our belief that Quality, Production, Efficiency, Security and Safety are planned into each project with equal emphasis and importance to a project’s successful completion. Our program goal is to achieve zero losses, avoiding injury, property damage, lost productivity and occupational illnesses within a safe and secure environment. Construction procedures for safety, indoor air quality, infection control, waste management, and quality control are standard at Morganti.